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Working to reduce our environmental impact

Now, more than ever, we’re committed to reducing harmful waste and the impact we have on our environment. As Flynn Refrigeration expand global partnershipswell as sourcing more environmentally-friendly packaging options for the goods we supply, we’re making drastic changes to our internal systems to ensure we reduce our paper consumption.

We’ve just completed our 2019 spring clean here at Flynn Refrigeration’s HQ and will be recycling almost 4 tonnes of paper, which we’ve collected over several years of archiving. Whilst it’s great that we’re able to dispose of this in an eco-friendly way, we’ve been making changes internally to ensure that we don’t have the same amount of wasted paper again.

We’ve been working with local IT specialists, Cubetek Solutions to develop an in-house system that allows us to log enquiries, store information and create and process quotations in an almost paperless way. By doing so, we’ve managed to cut back on our need for paper by more than 90%.

To put it into perspective, in 2015/16, we used just over 156 boxes of A4 paper at a cost of more than £2000 (including printer maintenance and upkeep). In 2018, we used just over 12 boxes and are making every effort to reduce this further in 2019.

Not only have these changes enabled us to reduce the impact we have on our environment, we’ve also increased efficiency throughout the team to ensure that we can offer a fast and accurate response to customer enquiries.

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