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Winter Round-Up

As we enter the final month of 2017, the team have arranged a few festive celebrations. Over the next few weeks,Christmas we’ll be getting involved in numerous events including Christmas Jumper Day, where the team will show off their festive jumpers with pride, whilst contributing towards national charity, Save the Children.

This time of year also allows for the opportunity to reflect on what was achieved over the past year.

One of the earliest developments of the year occurred when Flynn Refrigeration and Fair Sky (China) Ltd, came together to become partners. This alliance enabled a greater presence for Flynn Refrigeration across Asia, and since March, we have seen an increase in demand for refrigeration and air conditioning products and services in those key areas.

Another attribute to 2017, was our revamped product range. We designed and collated our product range into various categories such as compressors, refrigeration tools, air dryers and electrical motors, to enable a quick and easy selection of items for our customers.

There were a few additions at Flynn Refrigeration Head Office, and we welcomed new support staff in both sales and warehouse teams.

Not only did we see significant changes to our product range and growing team, our refrigeration and air conditioning services have also increased over the past 12 months and we hit the press when asked to deliver an air-conditioning solution for two Togo Oil and Marine’s tugs.

Neither of the tugs were originally equipped for any form of air-conditioning: however, it was a necessity for the crew working in West Africa’s tropical climate. With this in mind, it was determined that an off-the-shelf solution was not the answer. Our team of specialists worked closely with our vital connections and utilised a wealth of technical knowledge to ensure that a unique design was installed, and the tugs were successfully on their way to join the rest of the fleet.

To read more of our case studies, take a look at some of the recent publications here.

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