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Welcome to the latest round-up from Flynn Refrigeration

Welcome to the latest round-up from the team at Flynn Refrigeration. Since the start of the year, we’ve been busyGlobe with Flynn logo working through enquiries and processing orders for our customers around the world.

We’ve had an exciting start to the year: we’ve expanded our product range even further, launched our new product catalogue and have most recently achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for 2019.

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New product catalogue

During 2018, we worked closely with global leading suppliers to expand our product range, and taking on board customer feedback and supplier recommendation, we put together an extensive list of products all in to one catalogue.

It includes compressors, compressor spares, packaged air conditioning units, electric motors, refrigeration tools and much more. We’ve also provided part numbers and part manuals to help vessel operators quickly and accurately select their requirements.

The product catalogue can be downloaded from the resources section of our website. 

Working to reduce our environmental impact

Now, more than ever, we’re committed to reducing harmful waste and the impact we have on our environment. As well as sourcing more environmentally-friendly packaging options for the goods we despatch, we’re making drastic changes to our internal systems to ensure we reduce our paper consumption.

We’ve just completed our 2019 spring clean here at Flynn Refrigeration’s HQ and will be recycling almost 4 tonnes of paper, which we have collected over a few years. Whilst it’s great that we’re able to dispose of this in an eco-friendly way, we’ve been making changes internally to ensure that we don’t have the same amount of wasted paper again. Please visit the ‘Latest News’ section of our website for further information about these changes. 

With that in mind, we’re really pleased to have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for a further year.

This is something we are extremely proud of, as not only does this recognise our commitment to the processes we follow internally, it also demonstrates the way in which we can effectively meet customer requirements to a high standard.

Copies of our ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates can be requested by emailing

Flynn Refrigeration’s guide to refrigerants

There have been many changes within the refrigeration industry over the past few years, particularly since the revision of the F-Gas regulation.

To help vessel operators better understand the changes, we have put together a guide to refrigerants. This guide aims to provide further information about the available refrigerants and possible options for applications currently operating with HFCs.

To request a copy of this guide, please contact us.

We can supply recovery units, reclaim cylinders, vacuum pumps and leak detectors, which are essential for the reduction of loss of expensive refrigerants.

If you have an enquiry or request for quotation, or would like further information on our vast product range, contact our team of specialists

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