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Flynn Refrigeration supply Daikin compressors, compressor spare parts and condensing units. Daikin are market leaders in environmentally responsible, renewable energy heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Models supplied include:

75 SERIES: Open Type : 4C 75, 4C 75L, 4C 75(2)-E, 6C 75, 6C 75L, 8C 75L, 6C 75(2)-E, 8C 75, 8C 75L, 8C 75(2)-E, 12C 75, 12C 75L

Semi-Hermetic Type : 4HC 75 2S, 4HC 75 2L, 6HC 75 2S, 6HC 75 2L, 8HC 75 2S, 8HC 75 2L, 6HC 75, 6HC 75L, 8HC 75, 8HC 75L  55 SERIES:

Open Type: 4C 55, 4C 55(2), 4C 55(2)-E, 6C 55, 6C 55(2), 6C 55(2)-E, 8C 55(2), 8C 55(2)-E

Semi-Hermetic Type: 3HC 55, 4HC 55, 6HC 55  58 Series Type C: 2C 58(2)-SE, 2C 58(2)-SE-F, 2C 58(2)-LE, 2C 58(2)-LE-CF

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