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Refrigerated Air Dryer Suppliers

Flynn Refrigeration offer a wide range of refrigerated air dryers including Buran, Donaldson Ultrafilter, Hi Line, Nihon Seiki and SPX Hankinson.

Refrigerated Air Dryers are used to remove the wet air which enters the dryer through the heat exchanger. The warm wet air entering the drier is cooled down by the outgoing cold air and dried air, reducing the load on the refrigerant compressor.

Next, the compressed air passes through the air to a Refrigerant Heat Exchanger which cools the air temperature to the pre-set dew point. This is set at +2C. Water in the air at this stage condenses and turns into water droplets. This condensate is removed automatically by the auto drain as bulk water. Finally, the cool and dry air is reheated by thermally mixing it with the incoming air which also reduces its relative humidity (water-loading), thus preventing pipework corrosion and annoying condensation on downstream pipe work.

Flynn Refrigeration are a UK distributor for Donaldson’s product range. This includes their highly accredited refrigerated compressed air dryers and membrane dryers.


We also offer a full range of spares for the Refrigerated Air Dryer Range along with pre and after filters to ensure that the air lines are kept in the best condition possible and only dry air is used.

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