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Refrigeration Service Tools

Flynn Refrigeration offers a vast range of refrigeration service tools to ensure that the refrigeration plant can be maintained and expensive refrigerants’ leakages are prevented.

All the common refrigeration service tools are contained in our refrigeration product guide.

These include basic ratchet spanners, tube benders, pipe cutting, flaring tools, swaging punches, charging manifolds and charging lines, replacement gauges, vacuum pumps and oils, acid test kits and scales.

Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection can be used to detect all current refrigerants including CFC and HFC refrigerants. They are cordless to ensure that they can easily be used on board your vessel to detect any refrigerant leaks. We offer a wide range from the basic model to intrinsically safe versions.

Dye Leak Detectors

Dye Leak Detectors have a Glo Leak Tracer Fluid, compatible with all refrigerants, which is added to the system. The tracer circulates around the system with the refrigerant and a UV inspection lamp is used to easily detect the location of the leak.

Refrigerant recovery with the Promax RG5410A is currently one of the highest specification recovery machines in the world. The unit uses an oil-less compressor and is capable of switching between almost every refrigerant.

We would be happy to provide you with a full list of recommended refrigeration tools to ensure that your plant is maintained to the highest standard, and to guarantee that your vessels meet with the increasingly strict rules and regulations.

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