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Managing COVID-19 on board your vessels

In light of the current global situation, we wanted to reassure our colleagues and partners of our commitment to helping manage the impact of COVID-19. Not only does this apply to our team members and families, but we believe in working together to protect the health of people around the world.

Here at Flynn Refrigeration, we are constantly evaluating the situation and have taken steps to ensure any impact on our business and the service we provide is kept to a minimum, where possible. This includes:

  • Equipping all staff with cleaning products and equipment to ensure workstations are kept as clean as Guidancepossible
  • Ensuring all staff continue to follow good hygiene protocols, including the use of hand sanitiser in frequently used areas
  • Limiting the number of visitors to the office
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel

Internal policies and procedures for sickness and general health and safety have been updated to reflect the current situation. Advice has been issued to all staff to raise awareness of the guidance issued by WHO (World Health Organisation), including identifying signs and symptoms, protocols for self-isolating and recording travel movements (particularly when visiting affected  areas).

Contingency plans are also in place that allows staff to work from home if required, to ensure business continuity. A this stage, we do not have control of freight and logistics, but are working closely with our suppliers to maintain any dispatch and shipping requirements and will notify you as soon as possible regarding any possible disruption.

There are ways that you too can help reduce the impact of COVID-19. The World Health Organisation has released its latest advice and guidelines for managing corona virus on board vessels (available to download here), which includes basic step by step instructions for crew members, as well as recommendations for ensuring equipment on board is kept clean. We can supply a range of products – including thermometers, gloves and other related products – should you require these.

Please rest assured that we are committed to providing you with the same high-quality service and remain hopeful that this global situation improves quickly. Should you have any concerns or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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