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Introducing you to the latest Flynn Refrigeration team

Let us introduce you to our newest team members; our trusted companions helping us through these challenging times.

Lillie and Lola

We have Lillie and Lola, our temporary assistant directors…





Poppy and Poppy


Our two Poppy’s taking over the management team…




Bow and Lumiere Buster and Lola

Buster, Lola, Bow and Lumiere the cat leading the way in our sales team…






Elliot and Ruby

Ruby and Elliot the rabbits, and Bella and Daisy (who are a little camera shy) taking charge of our accounts.




Now we know that they are cute, but their IT skills are not up to scratch (excuse the pun). So, if you do need any assistance, our usual team are still in action and are here to help as and when required!

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