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Flynn Refrigeration tackle packaging waste with help of new SpeedMan Dispenser

We’re doing all we can to help protect our environment and reduce the amount of plastic and other non-SpeedMan Dispenserrecycled consumables found around the world.

We’ve already identified and implemented a successful solution to the high volume of paper waste by introducing a highly-efficient, almost paperless quotation/order system – and now, we’re launching our latest approach to packaging with the help of our brand new SpeedMan Paper Dispenser.

Without compromising the protection and security of the goods we dispatch, we’ll be switching as much of our packaging as possible from plastic and polystyrene, to ultra-thick, 100% recycled paper. The compact, manually operated dispenser allows us to control exactly how much paper we use, meaning we’ll reduce our waste even further by using the exact amount we need and re-using what we don’t!

We’re committed to protecting our planet and adhere to ISO 14001 standards to help us achieve our goals.

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