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Flynn Refrigeration support local charity Chester Zoo

Here at Flynn Refrigeration, we are committed to supporting charities and helping to make a difference when and where we can. From local fundraising opportunities to national festive fundraising events – we love to get involved!

In these uncertain times, its no different. People around the world are coming together to share resources, experiences and offering support to those who ned it most.

Right now, there is a special place close to Flynn HQ that needs a bit of help too – Chester Zoo

Chester zoo is a registered charity that relies on donations from the public and income from public visits. Its home to 35,000 endtiger flynnangered species from around the world and for many years has been a place for families to enjoy hours of fun!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Chester Zoo has been closed to the public and both animals and humans are missing out, not just on funding but company too.

However, the animal-loving team at Flynn Refrigeration had an idea that would help solve some of those problems and keep us entertained… we adopted a Sumatran Tiger!

Yes, you read that right. By adopting this tiger, we are helping to raise funds for the zoo and protecting an endangered animal. Knowing by making this commitment, we are making a huge difference.

You can find out more about Chester Zoo and its sponsorship and adoption opportunities here, and you can be sure we will be keeping you updated on our new team member throughout the year!

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