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Flynn Refrigeration prepare for global visits as autumn falls

As we head closer to the end of 2016, we look back on what the team at Flynn Refrigeration have done over the autumn-news-imagepast few months. However, we aren’t slowing down yet, as the team carry on their visits to customers in the UK and have a planned visit to Italy to meet with our agents, Stelio Bardi.

Throughout September the team were busy visiting popular maritime events: at the start of the month, we attended the 27th SMM exhibition in Hamburg. With over 2,200 exhibitors and 50,00 visitors, this event was a great opportunity for businesses within the global profession to meet and discuss requirements. Not long after, three members of our team made the two-hour trip to London to visit this year’s IMPA exhibition, which was held in the QEII Centre in the core of Westminster. This event, which attracted over 2,000 visitors and 125 worldwide exhibitors, was perfectly located for us to meet with new and existing partners and allowed for the team attending to take part in a ‘Meet the Buyer’ and ‘Purchasing Manager’ conference.

It is crucial that we engage in these opportunities as they enable us to meet new customers and develop further connections globally, as with our new agents in Malta, Motherwell Bridge Industries Ltd.

For more information, get in touch with our friendly team at: and follow us on social media for first-hand updates on the team’s whereabouts and developments!

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