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Flynn Refrigeration assist through the cold spell!

Back in 2016, we were lucky to see a few sunny spells around this time. However, this year here in the North WeSnowst of England, the weather is a far cry from sunny and we have had a week of snow showers! Even so, the weather hasn’t stopped the team and it is business as usual here at Flynn Refrigeration.

We understand that with harsh plummeting temperatures, some units are put through their paces. This can lead to breakdowns and repairs may be required; in many cases, spare parts are needed urgently.

Ensuring that our stock is easily accessible and minimal disruption is caused during the dispatch stage is our top priority. If you’re in need of refrigeration or air conditioning spares, replacements or services, contact our team of specialists.

Wishing all of our partners here in the UK and further afield (who may be experiencing snowy weather) a safe, but great weekend.

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