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JP Sauer & Sohn

Flynn Refrigeration supply JP Sauer & Sohn compressors and compressor spare parts. JP Sauer & Sohn have more than 125 years experience of developing, manufacturing and marketing compressors to civilian and naval shipbuilders as well as industrial markets.

WP 13
WP 15
WP 18
WP 22
WP 25
WP 32
WP 33
WP 40
WP 45
WP 50
WP 60
WP 65

WP 100
WP 200
WP 240
WP 400

WP 15L
WP 22L
WP 33L
WP 45L
WP 65L
WP 80L
WP 81L
WP 101L
WP 121L
WP 151L
WP 271L
WP 311L

SCK 22
SCK 26
SCK 41
SCK 42
SCK 76

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