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Air Conditioning Systems

Flynn Refrigeration offers an extensive range of air conditioning systems to suit your requirements. View the full range here. 

Our bespoke systems are specifically designed for your application. Whether open compressors with a marine direct expansion coil, they are manufactured to suit your needs and requirements.

We also provide a full range of spares for all leading makers of packaged air conditioning units such as Carrier 90MA, Daikin US, York SC and Hi Press units.

Our range includes:

TR marine packaged air conditioning units

TR marine packaged air conditioning units with options of air cooled or seawater cooled units from 12,000 Btu to 120,000 Btu/Hr. The units are designed for the marine industry and are built for long service under the most severe on board conditions. These are quiet running with high capacity fans. The water cooled units mainly have Bitzer shell and tube condensers that can be cleaned and offer a longer service life. The units are fully charged, only requiring suitable water and electrical connections. They have removable panels for easy filter cleaning and maintenance. These spares are commonly used products and are available worldwide.

WM marine units

WM marine units are wall mounted splits that we have developed with Marstair. These units are for high wall mounting, have high level front discharge and are available in a cooling range of 5.4 to 9.7 kWs. The units have copper coils in the external section to enable them to cope with the harsh marine environments. They can also be supplied with stainless steel casings which assist in maintaining a long life and are more aesthetically pleasing for leisure applications such as yachts, pleasure craft or when used on bridge applications. These units are suitable for 60Hz applications.

RAS and MV Range

RAS and MV range are wall mounted split units with a cooling range aimed as a short term solution as they have standard coils. They can be coated with Blygold to extend the life of the product and are normally available with either 50 or 60Hz.

Vector Compact

Vector Compact is ideal for smaller applications such as tugs, yachts and smaller leisure crafts, such as cabin cruisers, where the units can be installed into smaller spaces. These units are designed to operate on such vessels and are seawater cooled.

Rooftop Air Conditioning

We can supply a wide range of rooftop air conditioning that can be used on a range of vehicles such as motorhomes, lorries and trucks, vans, trains and even small farmland tractors. Models available include; Heat Pump Air Conditioners, Rooftop Air Conditioners, Lightweight Rooftop Air Conditioners, Split Electric Air Conditioners, Truck Rooftop Air Conditioners.


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